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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

two part invention no. 4 in d minor

So this is the first time o've actually been able to get into the blog...or maybe its just the forma nd analysis site...i dunno but my listening isn't working for some reason...So, after a long night of puonding out rocky horror rock and roll..this bach is very difficult to listen to. The beginning of this two voice invention starts our with the right hand playing the motive, then shortly followed by the left hand playing the motive. After the main motive is played in the first six measures, the right hand moves up and down in 16ths while the left hand keeps to the 3 eith note pattern. The left hand brings back hints of the motive in mm. 18 while the r.h. trills above it, but the l.h. is a 3rd higher than the original motive. Then in mm. 29 the l.h. truills under the r.h., and then picks up the eith note pattern again,. The r.h. takes the motive and becomes recognizable in mm. 40, but the motive is a bit more ornamented, and then the l.h. picks it back up after towo measures, and then the r.h. again. And then it all comes together in a nice unison PAC in the end. I liked how I could hear the motive and then everything would run alomng and develop and after all this chromatic stuff and runs up and down, then the motive rings through in either hand as almost a little respite to bring it back to its core. I could definitely tell when the end was coming b/c it seemed that everything was build to that sudden I chord. I like this piece...its...cute.

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