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Monday, April 04, 2005

2-part Invention No.4 in D minor- BACH

This little two voice fugue was interesting to try and follow. The first voice started out in the right hand with the motive and shortly after was followed by the second voice in the left hand. Its tricky though because the left hand, over the course of the movement switches fairly smoothly between the motive, or in this case a chunk of it, and then accompaniment like a normal keyboard style composition.
So the second voice begins to follow the first voice in the third measure, but it doesn't complete the motive... It does this several times throughout.
It was easier for me to hear the motive when played in the right hand, maybe I thought that it would be more dependable after the tricky left hand switching, I don't know.
I felt like there was kind of an exposition with both voices attempting to expose the main motive, then a middle section where things were shaken up a little bit but not tonally or harmonically at all... then there was a third section that was almost terminative, I could definately tell that the end was coming up pretty soon.

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