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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Fugue IX - Well Tempered Clavier vol. II

This is in E major, and the first expository section to the middle of measure 12. The subject consists of do- re fa mi re, and alternates between its statement on do and on sol in B, so that the exposition moves between tonic and dominant functions. First the subject moves from E to B to E to B, then there is a pause for development or "episode" and then suddenly the subject in B appears at m9 overlapped by the subsequent subject in E which is then overlapped by the subject in a lower voice in B and then overlapped with the top voice stating the subject back in the tonic. This climaxes the exposition and leads it into the modulatory section which begins with an episode -- an e# appearing rather regularly in the texture. At m16, there is a dynamic change and we get a restatement of the subject followed by an overlap on the dominant again. There is then another small episode, then the fugue subject returns this time beginning on F (the first time so far). There is another episode and then the subject returns at the end of m26 this time on G (moving up from F). Then the subject repeats on the F and then back in the B and the E. There is an almost statement two measures before the reexposition at m35, but the rhythm is off. We then have the reexpo which restates the sub on E, then B, then E, then B again (like at first). It then terminates in teh last three measures with a falling motive in the outer voices, a rising one in the tenor voice and a leaping sequencing downward in the alto. Then the outer voices rise and finally the texture coagulates into a homophonic chordal ending.

I looked very carefully, but did not see much manipulation of the actual fugue subject (i.e. inversions)

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Martin Buber said...

Oh yea, it's in four voices, sorry...