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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Fugue 11 in F Major

Ok... I'm still not sure of myself on analyzing these, but here goes nothing:

Ok, The expository section obviously begins at the beginning and lasts through measure 30. I am really, really unsure of cadences because it is so busy and the sixteenth notes always carry through. But, it seems like there is a cadence at measure 13 during the expository section. Other than that, I am not sure. The initial statement of the subject lasts until measure 4. I found the subject used 12 (I think) times throughout the piece... I'm sure I missed a few though. There are 3 voices, all of which are very very busy... and things get a little mushy.
The developmental/modulatory section lasts from measure 30- around measure 60. Throughout this section he plays with the subject (or "noodles around" with the subject) but you can still here it in there very obviously. There are a few shifts in tonality. I think there are cadences in 46 and 56?
The terminative section lasts from 60- the end. There is obviously a perfect authentic cadence at the very end of the piece.


jendpu said...

good job, I totally forgot to mention cadences. But I def. see your reasoning in where you heard them.

mvittorio said...

I completely agree how difficult it is to hear cadences. Maybe we'll discuss this challenge in class. Good effort in at least trying to find them.

Spoonaloompa said...

I didn't hear the piece, but it looks like the terminative section starts later to me, just because m. 61 uses the V7/IV chord, which does the opposite of reinforcing the original tonal center.


Djumby said...

I think I heard an IAC in mm. 29 as well...although no one else seemed to mention it!