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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Bartok: Mikrokosmos, Vol. 4, No. 101, “Diminished Fifth”

Bartok: Mikrokosmos, Vol. 4, No. 101, “Diminished Fifth”
No. 1...I like this piece because it’s only one page long…
No. 2...I like this piece because it only has two voices….
As I listen to this the voices are very close and by looking at it, it seem that the combination of the two voice forms the motive. One line always has the leading note which is sustained, and the other always has a moving line that is passed back and forth from bass to treble..I believe that I heard and see the motive (moving line) brought back in 7 times..
3rd- bass-m.12
4th- bass-m.16
5th- bass-m.20
6th- bass-m.26
7th- bass-m.35
Every time the motive is reintroduced, the eighth notes that follow the first 2 and a quarter beats are always different and developing the main motive…the accompaniment line that plays at the same time as the motive is usually the same in many ways, just modified to develop at the same rate as the motive…

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katie said...

Kab Earl,

I am so impressed that you went for the Bartok! And you did a really good, detailed job. I really like how you found all the entrances and occurances of the motive. Way to give the hard one a try... I am impressed. Especially since I interrupted you writing it to make you go walmarting at midnight :-) hehe.