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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Bach fugue no. 11 in f major, bwv 856

Hrmmmk, hopefully this blog will work....I would say that this piece is a 3 voice fugue. The four measure theme is stated first in the l.h, and then in the r.h. in the 3 three voices throughout the exposition mm.1-30, modulation mm. 30-65, and terminative, mm.61-- Beggining in F major, the motive modulates a bit and is heard in C major in mm. 17. It modulates to D major in mm. 33, and g minor in mm. 46. As it modulates, i picked up on two IACs in mm. 13 and 29, a resolving PAC in mm.46 and a PAC in 56. The subject, although stated very clearly in the beggining really seems to get hacked up and messed around with in the developmental section. I was kind of hard to pick out, but I believe i found 13 subjects. This is a very busy piece, and I found it difficult to analyze, but I liked it all the same.....good night!

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phantomofsong said...

I'm a music student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and am analyzing this piece as well. Would you happen to know where and what the pivot chords are for the key changes?