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Monday, April 04, 2005

two inventions in d minor by bach

ok well obviously this is an invention and in d minor. The piece starts out with the right hand only playing a 16th note idea in the first two measures. The same idea is then imitated in measure three in the left hand. The left hand then goes into an accompaniment of eigth notes while the right hand takes the first 16th note idea and takes the idea further until measure 12 where the left hand becomes more prominant with the same added-on idea and it seems that the right hand is accompanying. At measure 18 there is a cadence in the key of F. This next section is a little more developmental as the first was expository. We see tid bits of the introduced ideas in this section but changed or altered. Again, they are passed back and forth between the left and right hand and in measure 38 there is another cadence in the dominant of d. Here we start to see the light with a repetition of the expository two measures from the beginning, first in the right hand then to the left with the piece finally ending in the original key of d minor.


Djumby said...

The phrase yoiu use..."right hand accompanying", it is odd to think that, but I do agree, I just hadn't thought of it. It almost seems taboo.

Queen_Neopolitan said...

hmm...i like the taboo phrase

Sanders said...

yeah, that is an interesting way oflooking at it