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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Bach Invention no. 4 in D Minor

Bach's motive is all over the place in this piece in many different forms and variations. It begins with only one voice with the motive and the second voice joins with the same motive in bar 3 and at that time, the initial voice has already moved on. The first voice is given the motive again and it just keeps going and going... More variants are added later. For example, instead of the eighth note pattern that was introduced in bar 3 in the first voice is changed to a trill later on. There is a lot of development of this theme in the middle of the piece. The only places that cadences seem to be are after the dotted eighth - sixteenth note pattern. Otherwise, the piece progresses so quickly from motive to motive and voice to voice that it's hard to tell. The motive that we got to listen to first is played back toward the end in measure 43 as it was originally, without any variants.

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