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Monday, April 04, 2005

Bach's Invention in d minor

It seems that this is the popular blog of the night. This is a good first invention to analyze. It makes me miss playing inventions. The three/ eight time makes this piece seem danceish. The first subject lasts for two measures. It's neat how it's written. The subject is actually like an ascending and descending scalar passage. The only thing that deviates it from this is the lower octave placement of the c sharp which breaks up this 7 tone pattern. Finally there is a strong IAC cadence in measure 12 that pushes it into the developmental section. The trills and turns is this section add excitement and flurry. In the development, some of the subjects are inverted. Then in measure 44 both subjects are restated first in the right hand and then in the left hand. The piece ends on unison octaves on a PAC.


Liz said...

This is definitely a MUCH better first invention piece than the Bartok! If I had started with this, I might like inventions a little more. :)

Djumby said...

you know...i never thought of the motive as being inverted...completely missed that one! nice job!

FluteBunny10 said...

I definitely agree, thumbs up to noticing the inverted motive. That takes a little extra attention to detail.