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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Bach Fugue 11

I couldn't find my Form and Analysis books last night, so sorry this is coming in late.

The exposition subject is first stated in the left hand in m. 1-4. It then overlaps with the right hand, which restates the subject in the next four measures. This pattern of passing the subject from LH to RH with only a half a measure overlapping length continues in as the expository unit up to measure 30. Then begins the development, which can be divided up into three sections. The first uses a motive similar to the beginning of the A subject, and repeats it in downward sequential fashion. This continues until measure 45, ending on a PAC in d min. The next section is similar but repeats an inverted motive in the LH moves a different direction. This section ends on a PAC in g min in m. 55. The next section is similar to the first, and ends on a PAC in F Maj to end the piece.

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