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Thursday, April 07, 2005

fugue 11 in F major, bach

This is a fugue with three voices; when I started looking at this, for some reason I thought the end of the subject was on measure 7...but I afterwards analyzing the piece i looked up the online analysis from timothy smith, and it makes sense. Measures 1-7 looked like a big chunk to me, and this motive was repeated in different voices...but having the subject end on measure 4 makes sense to me now because it ends on the dominant.

anyway, the subject is four measures long, and begins in F major. There are hardly any structural phenomena except for a couple of changes in key and also in register. After the expository part, the parts of the subject break up into fragments (i think they do...?)The two cadences I noticed are very small IAC's (measures13 and 29) that are moving very fast. It modulates to D major around measure 33, and ends on a very noticable PAC on measure 46. Then it moves to g minor right on meausure 47, ending on a very noticable PAC in g minor as well. It sounds really cool. The ending cadence is finally ended with a PAC in the original key. I counted 13 subjects...who knows though?

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Clementine said...

Thank you so much! I was under the impression that the subject ended at measure 7 also, but it makes so much more sense with the subject end at measure 4. Your post really helped me out -- thank you!