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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Bach- Inventon 4 in d minor

The exposition begins in measure 1 and 2 with the motive being played in the RH by itself. Then the motive is passed to the LH and then back to the right. In these four measures same accompaniment is also passed between hands. Then the motive is varied slightly with a descension into a cadence commanded by a trill in measure 17. This Is an interpolation, as the end of this expository section also begins the new section. The next section is from 17- 37, and its function is t develop the motive and its tonality is unstable. The cadence and interpolation is again marked by a trill. The A motive returns exactly in m. 44 in the RH and then passes it to the left hand. There is then a short terminative passage to end the piece.

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