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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Mozart Sonata in Bb Major K.333

w00t 4 sonata 4m. hear we go!

Group 1 lasts until measure 23. It is a binary form. The a section of this group is a phrase group made up of four smaller phrases, ending with a PAC in Bb major in m. 10. The b sectin begins the same was as a, but modulates to F, ending with a half cadence in that key in measure 23.

This is the beginning of Group 2, which begins in F major (the V... makes sense). This section seems to be another - phrases a and a' lasting until m. 38, then a transition, then b until measure 45, and then c concluding with a PAC in m. 50. b and c are expository in nature. I consider mm. 50-64 to be the closing section - the chords stay basically on tonic and dominant.

Measure 64 begins the devlopment, with Mozart using the thematic material from Gr. 1. He begins with F major as his tonal center, which becomes f minor in measure 71, then C major in m. 73, then Bb Major in m. 77, g minor in m. 79, and finally comes back to Bb major in measure 87, beginning the retransition back into the recapitulation, beginning with Gr. 1 again in m. 94.

The recapitulation is pretty straightforward. Gr. 1 begins exactly as it was in the exposition, but changes in m. 105, venturing through various tonal centers sto arrive at the dominant for the beggining of Gr. 2, which begins in tonic rather than dominant this time, making it possible to conclude in the tonic.


Queen_Neopolitan said...

nice blogging Spoonaloompa...or should i say...PRINCE GERMAN AUGMENTED SIXTH! you know, you didn't have to try and test my love...but i guess whatever floats your boat.

good job matty, nice and to-the-poing. that's what we like to see.

Martin Buber said...

would that be binary then, if there is no dev/trans, just repeats in the dominant? wouldn't that just be a repetition? I don't know, that's why I'm asking. Nice work, though.

Kaberle said...

Great job...Your blog really helped me to follow through this piece...very detailed and easy to read..;) keep up the good work...