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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Haydn, sonata in c# minor

The exposition runs from m. 1-33. within these 33 measures: group 1 takes up m. 1-8 while 9-11 seem to be a modulating phrase taking us from the beginning key of c# minor to E for the group 2 (m. 12-30) with a terminative phrase from measures 31-33. It ends on a PAC in E major.

The double bar notes the continuation to the development in measure 34. it begins with the melody from group 2 up an octave. group 1 melody is heard clearly in measure 44 but it is not until the recapitulation in measure 65 that we get the group 1 melody back in the orignal key of c# minor. The rest of the piece is the recap, ending on a PAC.

that was the worst blog ever...i'm sleepy.


Martin Buber said...

Funny how the Group 2 was so much longer. Since it ends in the relative major, does the development go more into that?

Djumby said...

I think Group 1 just got cheated...Haydn just wasn't playing fair. So you put the same thing that I put...yay for agreeing, it therefore must be right!

Anonymous said...

This helped- thank you so much! Definitely not the worst ever :)