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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Mozart: Piano Sonata in B flat fun we all know this is in sonata form...okay now that the tough part is out of the way..(ha ha) .. here I go, trying to figure out how the puzzle pieces fit together to make it a sonata.......

We start out with no intro, and go right into the group 1 of the expository section. This group 1 seems to be set up in somewhat of a rounded bianary form. The first "a" last from m. 1-17, then the little "b" from m. 18-30. The "a" returns but in the dom. key F major. It is a little bit modified compared to the original "a". This brings up into the group 2 in m. 39. The dynamics have changed, and the style and articulation of the melodic line is different than before. I believe that group 2 goes from m. 39 until m.57. Then, the closing comes I think a measure or two before the trill in 58 and takes us to 63 where there is a PAC in F major and a repeat sign to reapeat the expository section.

The B developmental section starts with a pick up to measure 64. This section is still in the dom. of B flat major...F major. This development keeps going seeming like it explores group 1 at first with the theme.. then also including a little from group 2. This last until around measures 87 and 88. I believe this is where is starts to modulate to the IV of B flat major..E flat major. This is what I think would be the transition back to the A (recapitulation).

In measure 93 we see the theme from A come back in, and we are back in B flat major. We see the theme start again in measure 110. All of this is the beginning of the recapitulation. Around measure 134 there is a transition into the group 2 again. Then the closing comes in again somewhere around the trill in measure 160. Then the End in measure 165 with a PAC in B flat major.

Good night ;)

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FluteBunny10 said...

Great job, very thorough. I especially like how you noticed the many key changes.