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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Haydn - Piano Sonata in c# minor, first movement (Moderato)

The Exposition, from M. 1-33, modulates from c# minor to E Major, the relative major key. This section repeats twice. Group 1, in c3 minor, goes from M. 1-11. M. 12-33 is Group 2. There’s a small terminative section from M. 31-33, where clear V-I progressions are heard.

The Development section occurs from M. 34-63. It repeats, although the recording I have chooses not to play the repeat. At first this section plays around with themes from Group 2. We are still in E Major at this point. However, by M. 37 it’s clear that Haydn is developing themes from Group 1 as well. At M. 44 the motive from Group 1 is clearly heard, this time heard in g sharp minor (woah). A transitional section, from M. 51-64, occurs, bringing us back to the familiar c# minor key for the return of the exposition.

The exposition is slightly varied, and this time the piece does not modulate from Group 1 to Group 2, but remains in c# minor.

I love Haydn’s cute jokes where he adds in long pauses, creating more tension in the ear and tricking listeners.


Minnie Mouse said...

You used lots of numbers and the words "cute jokes" and "tricking". Nicely done...typical Haydn. :-)

Anonymous said...

At M. 44... hmmm... Seems not g# minor