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Thursday, April 21, 2005

haydn sonata

the piece starts off in c# minor. The exposition is from the beginning through bar 33. Notice the repeat sign here signaling the end of the exposition. Group 1 of the exposition is from bar 1 through bar 8. Group 1 is in c# minor. Bars 9-11 serve as a transition to modulate us to E major (III). This where group 2 starts; bar 12. This group is developed some up till bar 31 where a clear terminative section is heard leading us to our development which is still in E major. The development is from bar 34 through bar 64. the development first uses the theme from group 2. Then, in bar 44 the theme from group 1 is heard. Bars 50-64 serve as developmental/transitional leading us back to our recap. Notice the g# major chord in 64; a V in our original key of c# minor. The recap then begins in bar 65 to the end in our original c# minor. Group 2 in the recap stays in tonic rather than modulating to III.

1 comment:

katie said...

Thank you for keeping it brief!!!! I liked how you focused on certain chords, and how you made good distinctions about where each section began and ended. good job.