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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Group 1 is eight measures, I’d say. It ends with what sounds like a half cadence but it could be an IAC in the new key. But it really only flirts with c minor for a split second before we get back to the original key. I’d say this little section from 9-20 is a transition. Group 2 starts here, but it is unclear to me what key it is in. There are some unneccessary accidentals here that are already in the key signature PLUS an Fb which makes it really confusing. I’m really confused by this sections tonality...So I quit on that part BUT… I believe the transition begins in measure 33 and ends with a PAC in A major in measure 41. Then the terminative section starts and the exposition ends with a PAC and repeats.

The development is obviously elaborating on first theme in the original key. Then the tonality gets to be a little bit amigious. We see bits and pieces of both Group 1 and 2 in the development as well as transitional material. Because of the ambigious tonality it’s really hard to identify where all the cadences are. It goes really fast in the recording I have and there’s hardly even senses of pause and even those don’t sound like anything tonal. So yeah for me and not knowing what the heck is going on. Our friend Mr. Luxury Yacht seems to have given it a stab, but I sort of disagree with some of the keys he talks about. The transition back to the original themes begins with the thinned structure around 73 that leads us back to the Recapitulation

So on to the Recap! I feel like even though the ACTUAL EXACT theme doesn’t come back until measure 101, 95 is where everything is pointing to with big neon arrows. Group 2 comes back in 119 (maybe in Ab major this time? I’m still unsure…Obviously accidentals really throw me off…) followed by a very similar transition and terminative section that look vaguely familiar….hmmmm…And then we PAC it back in f minor at the end!

Ok, I’m totally done with this. Ug.

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