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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Beethoven Sonata

-Theme consists of 16th note triplet figures. Theme is 1 eight measure phrase, ends on a HC.
-The HC actually serves as the transition point to our new key.
-There are 6 bars, and then the transition section begins. The piece modulates here, but I am not positive of the key. I think there could possibly be an IAC in Ab Major in m.20.
-2nd theme begins at m.20. This theme brings a change in rhythm, consisting mainly of quarter note figures. There is a PAC at m.28.
-Now we have another transition, which uses several 8th note runs to modulate. There is an IAC in Ab Major at m. 41.
-The final, closing theme begins at m. 41. This theme is full of grace notes. It ends with an IAC, and of course the whole exposition repeats to give the listener more chances to hear the theme.

-Begins with the material from theme 1.
-The second theme enters at m. 55.
-There is an IAC in G Major at m. 62. Here the second theme sort of appears again, but it is split between the upper and lower parts.
-The piece modulates, and there is an IAC in C Major at m.93.
-Here, the 32nd notes from the 1st theme come back, which allow the piece to modulate back to f minor. There is an IAC at m.101.

-The recapitulation begins at measure 101.
-The first theme appears very similiar to how it was in the exposition.
-There is a transition, and the piece modulates to C Major.
-The second theme appears from m. 117-127.
-There is an 8th note transitory section that leads us back to f minor. There is a PAC at m.140.
-The closing theme comes back, but without the grace notes. I believe this is done to clearly establish to the listener what the key is.


Minnie Mouse said...

I like the way you laid this biznass out. Really easy to follow. I'm copying you next time. DOn't be angry, copying is the sincerest form of flattery.
P.S.- I did this piece's a beast.

Djumby said...

Way to lay it out there. I think it would have helped if you would have actually labeled the groups...just would have been easier to follow...

hello22 said...

which piano sonata is this? :)