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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Haydn Sonata XVI

We start out in c# minor with the expository section running from measures 1-33. Measures 1-11 are group one. Group two immediately follows and goes until measure 33. We end in E major, the relative major key of c#. Measures 23-33 seem to have a slightly different function, but I'm not sure. The development is next and is from bar 34-65. It begins with the group two motive from the A section, only an octave higher. It stays within the group two ideas until bar 44, where the main motive of the piece is brought back in, but then from 50-64 there's a section that full of a sixteenth note pattern that seems to be primarily transitional. It brings us back to the main motive once again in basically the same form we saw it in originally at the beginning of the piece. This is the recapitulation and it then goes back and repeats from the beginning of the development section in bar 34.

1 comment:

Spoonaloompa said...

I notice in your analysis that Haydn has a lot of space in between the actual groups. This is very similar to his Sonata in e minor... Sounds like it might have been characteristic of his compositions. w00t.