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Thursday, April 21, 2005


Ok, after practicing a ton and going home playing with our new puppies...I say sophomore Proficiencies..BRING IT ON! Ok, so Haydn. Well the expoxitory section minor is clearly marked off in mm.33 by the repeat sign. This expositiory section has two groups. Group I is mm.1-8 in c# minor...and little development and modulation and whabam! Group II starts in m. 12 and is in E major. This develops until mm.31 where we have a 2 bar terminative section. After this exposition, the development section begins in mm. 34. This section begins developing the theme from group II and then all of a sudden in mm.44 the theme from group I is heard. Then after a brief snippet the piece begins to develop and transition again, I think around mm. 50, and in the mm. 65 a recapitulation is heard back in c# minor. Only this time both groups stay in c# minor. And ends. As does this post. Yay! I'm going to be in bed by 1:30!!

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