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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Mozart Piano Sonata K. 333 1st movement

ok obviously this is sonata form. We start out with group one, there is no intro. Group one is a rounded binary-ish form with the first section of it being an asymmetrical parallel period with the first phrase ending on a PAC. The second phrase or section leaves the original key (new E naturals) and ends on a HC (Cmajor) of the key F. At measure 23 we return to the original material introduced in the beginning and finally end the exposition at 38 in the Dominant. 38 also transitions the piece into group two of the exposition. This could be totally wrong, but I only hear group two lasting until 50, after that it seems like a huge cadential extension up to 63. Blah blah all this gets repeated and then we move on. This is where the development begins. The material seems similiar to the exposition for the first few measures, but it quickly moves away (duh its the development), hitting numerous keys as it goes. When we hit 90 a retransition starts, in 91 there's a half cadence in the original key and them BAM we go into the recapitulation at 93 (also in the original key). Mozart does one thing different though. He keeps the second phrase of group one in the original key, ends it on the dominant (F) and then at 119 he starts the b section of group one in the subdominant of F. He then transitions into group two at 134 back in the key of good 'ol Bb.


mvittorio said...

I love your sarcasm. How entertaining!

John Styx said...

Was that sarcasm in and of itself?

Mr. Luxury Yacht said...

It's good to see someone having fun doing these things. Good job.

katie said...

Nice job. Fun to read. I like how you are willing to put your ideas out there even when you arent sure of them.