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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Wild Rider: Schumann

THe first period of Wild Rider starts in A minor and lasts for 8 measures. The recurring idea that is introduced in this period shows up throughout the rest of the piece, so we'll call this period the expository function. The second period (mm. 9-16) is in F and has the same theme as the first period with the only exception being that it is played in the left hand rather than the right. Because of the key change, and alteration in the same musical idea, we'll call this section the developmental function. Because the key change is so abrupt I really don't think there is a transitional function in this piece. And last but not least we have the terminative function (mm.17-24) This period brings back the original musical idea in the original A minor key to end out the piece.

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Martin Buber said...

That's very concise and clear. I can definitely agree with such a lucid and logical explanation.