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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Chopin: Mazurka Op. 17 No. 2 in e minor

Wow... popular piece, but I'll try to analyze it as best I can, without stepping on too many toes. Our introductory section is made up of 2 symetric (although lengthened) phrases that form a parallel period. The first phrase lasts for 12 measures, introducing our main theme and Chopin's trademark flowing rhythmic and dynamic style. This first phrase ends with a half cadence, before repeating our original material in the second phrase. This time we end on a PAC to bring a nice round nature to this first section. In the second section is again a parallel period, however now we have the 8-measure phrases we're used to. I would describe this as transitional material, since we meander through this section and end up in a new key (dead giveaway). We do have new material, but maintain a similar style and maintain the same key, linking it to the first section. Now , we develop this new key for a total of 12 measures (mirroring the length of the first phrase, pretty nifty, eh?) cycling through a number of different trasitions before we return to our original material. Now we begin our terminative function, repeating our original material for 10 measures, before extending it out into a final, definative cadence(we reach a half cadence, then extend out to a final PAC). Another fine Polish dance from a composer who was neither Polish, or by any account a fine dancer.


Martin Buber said...

I liked your analysis--the only thing I'd have to say, is that I wouldn't call the reappearing of the expository material at the end part of the terminative section. I'd just call it repeated expository material.

Mr. Luxury Yacht said...

You stepped on my toes you vacuous, toffee-nosed, malodorous pervert!

Anyway, good job. I would say that a repition of the expository section is just that. Terminative functions have little harmonic movement and occur after a point where the song could have logically ended.

Julia MacDonald said...

I also would like to say bravo to a very thorough analysis. If I were to listen to the piece I definitely would be able to use your analysis as a guidline for my ears. Thank you!

jendpu said...

I have to agree with everyone else. The repeat of the before mentioned material is just that...repeated expository, and then we move onto the terminative. Everytime I say that word i think of the Terminator.

Minnie Mouse said...

Very thorough Mr. Styx. It was quite extensive and specific and the use of the word "nifty" really impressed me.