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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Bach: French Suite in E Major - Menuet

This piece's initial period is contrasting and symmetrical as well as modulatory. Each phrase is four measures long and end on PACs. As this section contains the main motive, it would be labeled expository. The modulation from E major to the dominant comes in the second phrase. After that section repeats, we come to another eight bar section that initially begins with the motive from before but continues on and modulates back to the original key of E major. I would probably call this section transitional because I don't feel that the motive is being expounded upon - the original melody only appears in the first two measures and the remaining six contain accidentals leading to the change to the original tonality. The final eight bars of the piece is expository simply because it is a return to the material of the first section.

1 comment:

katie said...

very nice analysis, I like how you paid good attention to what was going on with the motive, and what qualifies the section as transitional.