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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Schumann Kleiner Morgenwanderer

Bars 1-8 consist of the pieces expository function. Here the motivic gestures and its harmonic background are presented in its simplest and purest form. From bars 9-19 the developmental function is being fulfilled. The dynamic is a little softer and the harmonies are more complex, leading to something in the near future, rather than stating something in its entirety. The repeat is again developmental, but I will venture to say that bars 15-20 is transitional to the end. I wouldnt say these same bars are transitional on the first time, but that it is still rather part of the development. The second time it leads by contrast into bar 22 to the end as the terminative function. So from bars 22 to the end is terminative as the motivic gestures of the exposition are repeated in a cadential extension fashion.

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Kaberle said...

Very good analysis...right to the point and I like all your explaination... Great job Adam..