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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Schumann: Little Morning Wanderer

The expository section of this piece in Amajor goes from mm.1-8 with IACs at mm. 2&6 and HCs at 4&8. This period is parrallel, giving the first impression of this piece to the listener as symmetrical...mwah hah hah...the next section develops this theme turning it into E major. This is mm. 9-20, but as it is developing and funkified, this section is obviously asymmetrical (as there are 11 measures. The first three meaures ends in a HC, then there is a change in the main theme, therefore making it a contrasting period. This then ends in a PAC..aaahhh. At measure 21, the piece reverts back to A major and ends in a PAC, making life happy. Good times....

1 comment:

mvittorio said...

Very fascinating description words to describe your piece. It sounds like a pretty tricky piece to analyze.