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Monday, February 14, 2005

Robert Schumann Scenes from Childhood Op.15 No.8

When reflecting back on this piece, it again first an foremost exerts the its simplistic qualities. However, this time when I listen to it, I hear the phrasing a lot more and it sticks out for some reason.
Although the underlying bass is very simple, and the right hand carries the melody, the first four bar phrase is given a sense of sweeping excitement through the use of a simple crescendo and decresendo, which pushes the phrase right into the next one creating a period.
Every detail about this piece screams simplicity from the PACs at the the end of the main periods, to the half cadences that occur in between phrases giving an anticipating feeling and tone to the piece, almost as though there is a card game about to be played, or as if children are excitedly insisting that someone tell them a story. There is almost a sense of rubato as the piece begins almost slowly like a roller coaster climbing a hill and then takes off a little bit and there is definately some taking away and putting back of time throughout the movement.
Again, Schumann's simple, child-geared composition style with the scenes from childhood is refreshing to me. I like the fact that it is simple and predictable and I think that it is timeless music.


katie said...

I liked all of your examples of how the music made you feel. :-) Nice job!

Julia MacDonald said...

I find that when I'm actually listening for something it seems to pop out as well. I also like your description of how the music makes you feel. And relating the anticipation to a child's story time was wonderful!