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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Schumann: Little Morning Wanderer

This piece begins in A major with a parallel symmetrical period. The first phrase has an IAC in measure 2 and a HC in measure 4. The second phrase has an IAC in measure 6 and a HC in measure 8. This period serves as the expository section of the piece.
Measures 9-12 form a very short symmetrical contrasting period. There is a HC in measure 10 and an IAC in measure 12. This section of the piece also modulates from A Major to E Major, which helps to identify it as the transitory section of the piece.
At the end of measure 12 we modulate back to A Major. Measures 12-20 are not periodic, but rather an 8 measure repeating phrase. At both the 1st and 2nd endings there are PAC's. This serves as the developmental section of the piece.
The remaining material after the 2nd ending forms a parallel symmetrical period with IAC's in measures 24 and 29. Measures 28-29 are a cadential extension and the termanitve section of the piece.
There ya have it.

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