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Monday, February 14, 2005

Valse Noble....again

So second analysis of the piece: (strikingly similar to the first, imagine that!)

A section (m. 1-8) B section (m. 9-24) return of the A (a prime, m. 25-32; A m. 33-end).
IAC (m. 8) PAC (m. 24) IAC (m. 32) (m. 40).

Because the expository section is tonally stable with clear cadences (IAC at m. 8), I'll make the claim that the A section (m. 1-8).
{ So the B section seems like it's taking us somewhere...or maybe I was thinking transitory (but it doesn't really go anywhere!!!) It just takes us to A prime...which I suppose could be argued as a destination. But since that seems sort of sketchy, can I have two expository sections? Since no one is here to answer me, I'll give myself a yes.}
With this in mind, our second exposition (B section) begins in measure 9 and ends in measure 24. Measures 25-32 will be labeled as the transitory section, since I've already described them as A prime. They're clearly taking us to the terminative phrase, or a recapitulation of the expository theme (m. 33-40).

Maybe that seemed a bit scatter-brained and exhausted (that's because I am!). Hopefully I'm somewhere close to the mark...if not...better luck next time.


Spoonaloompa said...

My darling -

Whether or not you are close to the mark is irrelevant - you will always be close to my heart.

At least you made an argument for several analytical options - that way, no matter what's right, you're not wrong!

Whether or not you're right, I'm certain one thing is not wrong - our love. Until next time, adieu.


Kaberle said...

yeah...i thought that the "a" prime area was kind of sketchy as well. The thing i did was to consider it a developmental section because it has different textures...just a thought...but great job.. :)