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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Schumann's "Am Kamin"

In Schumann's "Am Kamin," the first section before the double bar is a symmetrical parallel period. The first phrase ends in an IAC while the second ends in a PAC. The next section is a symmetrical contrasting double period. The second phrase ends on a half cadence and the last phrase ends on a perfect authentic cadence. There is no extra material or modulation. This piece makes good use of density with chords moving into eighth note motion. It also has good variation between the section through dynamics. The rhythm is very stable even though the tempo fluctuates when the piece is performed. This fluctuation seems to mimic the sparking flames of a fire which the title attempts to portray. It makes me want to get out the marshmallows and sit by the burning bon fire.

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Martin Buber said...

The cadences in the first section are identical. The soprano goes from a mi to do, while the bass hits the f and jumps up to sustain the tonic on an a. I suppose, perhaps you could hear both as either, but from what I can tell (and the tenor voice changes--but is doubling either the soprano or the alto voice each time, so there is no audible distinction), the two cadences are identical.