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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Minuet by Bach from the Little Notebook of Anna Magdalena Bach

Minuet is in G and is written in a 3/4 meter. There are no dynamic markings indicated in the score so im just going to leave that one alone. The first cadence occurs in bar 4 and it ends on an IAC. The second phrase ends in bar 8 on a half cadence. These two phrases make up the first period of the piece. The second period starts at bar 9 with the first phrase ending in bar 12 with another IAC. This phrase is almost identical to the first phrase of the piece and so we'll call it "a" prime. The next phrase ends in bar 16 with a V going to a I (PAC). Because these periods are almost identical and consists of two phrases each, they are double parallel periods. The C# in the B section implies a shift to the dominant which is D Major, it then returns to G around bar 24. The next period starts at measure 17 with the first phrase ending on a half cadence in the key of D (as I said) in 20. The second phrase ends in a I (in MY opinion) still in the key of D. The last period starts in bar 25 with the phrase ending at 28 on yet another half cadence, then ending the piece with the last phrase going V to I (PAC).

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