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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Schumann: Kleiner Morgenwanderer

I interpreted the first eight measures of the piece as kind of an introduction to the bigger, middle section, arriving at measure 9. The half cadence in the 8th measure drives the beginning of it. this next section is 10 measures long, which feels slightly asymmetrical. in measure 9, a similar melody from the introduction is heard, but the rhythm is different (there are no 16th note triplets until measure 14). a half cadence arrives in the 12th measure of the piece, and the listener craves a PAC 4 measures later. but the melody changes slightly, integrating a new rhythm and a harmonic goal not 4, but 6 measures later. maybe the melody was extended to increase the anticipation of the listener.
after the middle section repeats, the mood changes. the style is no longer marcato but very legato. the last phrase is both parallel and symmetrical.


jendpu said...

I agree with your thoughts on the beginning of this piece being sort of an opening to the body starting at 9. I think the re-introduction of the tripet 16th notes at 14 ties the song to the opening like a chorus does sometimes to intros in pop songs.

John Styx said...

I think the title of this piece really teels the whole story of it. The little morning wanderer reminds me of a little kid walking to school in the morning, and the music really refelcts this with the changing tempo, sometimes fast, sometimes meandering, but eventually reaching a destination. Also the incoporation of different rhythms into a similar melody gives us the idea that we've been there before, but always wanting to do something different. I really love that Schumann can capture that child-like quality in his music.