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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Schumann: Album for the Young, No. 17 "Little Morning Wanderer"

There are three sections to this piece. The first section is a parallel period that is symmetrical. The first phrase ends with a half cadence and the second ends with a perfect authentic cadence in E Major. The second section is repeated and I find that it may be a phrase group. There is one four measure phrase ending on a HC in A, but the second phrase is eight measures long ending on a PAC. (is there a name for that?) The third section is a parallel asymmetrical period. Again the first phrase ends with a HC but the second phrase ends with a PAC in A. The second phrase is longer by one measure because of an extension. The song makes me want to dance. The first two sections are very up-beat and bubbly. The third section is very legato and sweet sounding.


Mr. Luxury Yacht said...

To answer your question, I think it would still be a regular period with a longer B phrase. It's perfectly okay to have different phrase lengths, it's a matter of how it sounds and if it is somewhat of a cohesive group.

Queen_Neopolitan said...

I agree with Mr. Luxury Yacht. I also would like to comment on your lovely use of adjectives to describe the piece. well done!

Liz said...

I agree also! I would call it a cadential extension of the second phrase. I laughed when I read, "bubbly." I must be tired! Great job!