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Thursday, February 10, 2005

mendelssohn....a second time

i'm not sure what it is going on with my computer, but i just wrote a big blog on this piece, and now it has disppeared!!!!! grrrrr so, maybe it will show up! Heere is the general gist of what was said: This piece seems to be all about extentions and copying the beginnings of phrases. This peice follows pretty much an ABA form, therefore having 3 periods. After the 2 measures at the beginning to establish the base and tempo, the piece flows lyrically without cares, it's first section ending in an exteded PAC. The B section is much different than the A in that it sounds stronger and more defined than A did. Then there is a recapitulation of essentially the same theme, followed by yet another extended out cadence. !I really hope my other entry shows up!!! humph!


Ihearthautbois said...

flowing lyrically without a care hm? Kind of like Debussy... and his stacked seven chords and blatant disregard of functional harmony...

we learned that in 20th Century today..

mvittorio said...

That must be really annoying about your computer! I hate it when that happens! It seems like you did a good job remembering a lot. I always enjoy the excitement extensions can bring a piece.