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Saturday, February 12, 2005

"Am Kamin" by Schumann

"Am Kamin" begins with an eight measure expository section. It is a contrasting symmetrical period in four bar phrases. The first phrase ends with an IAC while the second ends with a PAC. This period is very tonally stable with clear cadences and phrases. The next section brings in completely new material. These next two phrases look like a whole step sequence. tonality isn't stable. There are many accidental. The cadences don't seem to follow normal progressions either. The following two phrases look like a development from the first period of the piece. The melody is basically the same, but the harmony changes and is fuller. This middle section, even though less stable, creates a contrasting double period with the second phrase ending on a half cadence and the last a PAC. The second ending of the piece is terminative. The last four measures are mere "show-offiness" for the sake of emphasizing the closure of the piece. This was a good piece for beginners to analyze.


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