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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Robert Schumann Scenes from Childhood Op.15 No.8

I wrote on the scenes from childhood earlier last week and I'd have to say, now looking at another one that they were definately created to be played an enjoyed by a child.
The piece begins with a theme that is repeated twice, each time it ends with a PAC. It then continues to what could be A1 or the B theme which is only played once, and is an eight bar phrase, the first four bars end in a half cadence and then the phrase ends with an IAC.
This entire pattern is then AGAIN repeated, and towards the end new material is introduced with a half cadence and them somewhat similar material was introduced ending the piece with a PAC.
There are suggestions in the A1 section that there could be some ellusion, or overlapping of cadences and phrase when an eighth note pattern is substituted the second time through.
Overall, I really liked this scene. This collection of miniatures is so simple, but I feel like they have a "homey" quality to them which I think is what Schumann really intended since he wrote them for his daughter.

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John Styx said...

Anyone else note that almost all of Schumann's works so far have very similar forms, an introduction, a repeated middle section and the a final period? God that's eerie!