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Thursday, February 10, 2005

J.S. Bach: Little Notebook of Anna Magdalena Bach, Minuet

This piece has two separate periods. I believe it is not a double period because the end of the 2nd phrase in the first period is a PAC. The first period is a parallel period. The end of the first phrase is a half cadence with the right hand on re and the left hand spelling a V7 chord. The next phrase is parallel therefore a prime (if the first phrase was a). This phrase ends with a perfect authentic cadence with the right hand going ti-do. The next phrase starts this new section. This period is contrasting. The end of the first phrase is another half cadence with the bass again outlining the dominant seven. The second phrase does not start the same as the first phrase. It ends with a PAC.

1 comment:

mvittorio said...

It seems as though you understood the concepts of the chapter well and did an accutarte analysis, not merely answering with a typical traditional answer, but giving it more thought to realize it wasn't an expected double period.