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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Bach, Anna Magdalena's Minuet

Hooray!!! A Short Piece!!

Yeah, the piece is short, but has some good content. We clearly begin in G major with scalar passages and jumps within the tonic triad. Within this symmetrical and parallel double period are sprinkled a half cadence (m. 8), a PAC (m. 16). To spice things up a big, Bach decides to take us for a stroll in the dominant key of D Major in measure 17. (the c sharp is the determining factor) Measures 23-24 are our authentic cadence for the D Major B section. Our c natural in measure 24 takes us ever-so-smoothly back to our friend G major for measure 25 through the end. We finish off with an expected G Major chord to finish off our round of perfect authentic cadences.

Nice job, Bach. I'm sure Anna was pleased.


Spoonaloompa said...

My Dearest -

Once again, you've provided mus with a spot-on analysis, and me with a reason to live. I enjoyed it not just because it reminds me of you, and not because I can hear you reading the beautiful prose in my mind, but because it's not too technical. I got a better picture from your analysis than I would have probably from a more in-depth explanation of the length of phrases, etc.

With you and only you in my heart,

Liz said...

Totally forgot about the modulation in my analysis! Yours helped me to better understand mine. Thanks!

katie said...

A wonderful analysis, as usual, Ladams. I agree with Matt... I like how you keep your writing simple. It is much easier to understand, and MUCH more interesting to read. Ok, that's all I got. BREAK A LEG in the opera this weekend!!!!!!:-)

jendpu said...

Wow you said that in about 3094823048 words less than I ever could have. Great Job!