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Monday, February 21, 2005

JS. Bach's English Suites- Gavotte I

The double bar following measure 8 marks the end of the A section and the Beginning of the B section, the two major sections of the piece. The phrasing of the A section, from m. 1-8, is difficult to clearly define because of the lack of clear structural breaks, with only the performers articulation to serve as a guide. It question is whether there is enough clear pause from the extra durations in measure 3 and 6 to consider both to be the ending of a phrase on a deceptive cadence. In that case, it would be a double parallel period (abac) with the first pair ending on an IAC in g minor and the second pair ending on a PAC in the relative of B-flat major. The function of this section is expository. The B section begins with similar material of the first in the new key. Measures 9-17 are unstable and function both as developmental and transitional into another modulation to d minor. Measure 18-25, starting in the new key, is similar to the previous measures, but its function is mostly transitioning back to g minor. The final measures to the end begins like the beginning but again becomes tonally unstable and developmental until the g minor is completely established in the last few measures , which serve an expository role and end the piece on a PAC in the original key.


susannahRAMA said...

i'm glad we're all blogging on the same piece here. makes life easy. you didn't mention that the A section was open...but i do like what you said about the difficulty of phrasing the first section. peace out.

mvittorio said...

I agree with you about the strength of the cadences due to their placement and duration in the phrases. I think it is personal opinion how people hear them.

Ihearthautbois said...

I'm glad someone else heard measures 9-17 as somewhat transitional material, makes me feel better!