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Monday, February 21, 2005

"Gavotte I", English Suite No. 3 in G minor, Bach

I really haven't heard very many Bach gavottes, so I enjoyed listening to this. The piece is in simple binary form, like many of the Baroque dance suites. Part A is expository, and is open because of its continuity, and also because it ends on a Bb maj. chord., or a VI chord in d minor. There are absolutely no breaks throughout the whole piece, so it's kind of hard to hear many of the cadences, except those near the repeats. After it repeats, the B section begins. The B section is developmental because it has some characteristics (rhythmic) of the A section, but it's not in its literal form. Measures 11-17 serve as an entirely new motivic idea, with the treble clef playing mostly running eighth notes while the bass has the melody. It continues its development in d minor, until it starts to mesh back into g minor, which is what it ends in. All of the sections fit well together. The A section is needed to start those beginning measures of the B section.

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