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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

J.S. Bach english Suite in G minor, Gavotte I

J.S. Bach english Suite in G minor, Gavotte I

The piece has a different rhythmic feel due to the piece starting on beat 2. It starts in g minor. As the assignment indicates, this piece is in closed binary form. The A section is a contrasting, assymetrical period. The first cadence, which is a half cadence, takes place at the end of the third full bar, the second cadence is in bar 8 where a pac occurs in the new key of Bb major. The period then repeats with the same cadence scheme. The B section begins with the pick ups into bar 9. the A section would be continuous because of the modulation of the consequent to III. The B section lasts all the way to the end and is then repeated again. No where does the A material appear in its original key. There is, though, the similar use of the rhythmic and motivic gestures of "quarter-8th-8th." The piece ends back in g minor with a PAC. I felt, if there were indeed cadences, they were not strong enough to constitute a structural division.

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Julia MacDonald said...

How does this piece make you feel? What do you think about the rhythmic mode coming back?