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Monday, February 21, 2005

"Goldberg Variations, Aria" by Bach

This piece is a fairly simple binary form. This short Aria is composed of 4 sections, each 8 measures long, each containing a half cadence leading to a perfect authentic cadence. The first section is in G major, and serves as an exposition. The next section modulates to the dominant of D major, but retains some of rhythmic motives similar to the prior. The third section modulates to the relative minor, sugesting that the last two sections were transitional. There is much ornamentation in this section, with crescendos and trills accenting complex rhythms. THe final section modulates back to the tonic G major. As it has little else in common with the A section, it would be called the B section. This is another exposition. I liked this piece, the written ornamentation gave it quite a bit of flair. As the piece progressed, the rhythms got shorter, faster, and more complex, adding interest for the listener until the end.

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avishay said...

is this the aria of bach with the diatonic pedal in the bass?