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Monday, February 21, 2005

Bach's Gavotte from English Suite No. 3 in g minor

Bach's Gavotte in g minor is an example of simple binary form. This piece is clearly divided into 2 sections by the double bar line. Section A begins in g minor, but modulates to Bb Major, creating a tonally open section.
The B section begins after the double bar line and serves as a developmental and transitory section. This section is considered to be simple binary form because the A section does not return. There is a motive similiar to that which appears in the A section, but it is in a different key and uses different harmonies. The B section is much less stable tonally than the A section. By the end of the section, we have modulated back to the original key of g minor in order for the piece to serve the simple binary function.


Djumby said...

right on...looks good to me.

Kaberle said...

You are amazing....CONGRATS ON THIS AND YOUR NEW YORK ARTS PROGRAM!!!!!!! Oh yeah...and your analysis of this piece...i agree with it...later
Kab EArl

Minnie Mouse said...

Simple and to the point. Nice job KDaniel!