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Monday, February 21, 2005

Gavotte in g minor by Bach

I like this Bach composition. It's exciting that the left and right hands mimic each other with rhythmic motives. It is in simple bianary form. It follows all the rules of simple bianary form. It is in two sections that are separated by double bar repeats. The A section isn't a solid period but is exposititory. It could be argued that there is a cadence is the middle of measure 4 before repeating the opening melodic material again but since this is weakened so much the suspension, it is almost easier not to think of it as a period. The B section is longer than the A section, has developmental material, and is less stable tonally. Measure 18 is the only area in this B section that I would call a cadence and even then it is confusing to label as such since I'm not sure what key we're in and it only lasts momentarily. A is open because it ends on the relative major key in g minor. I'm still pretty confused about all the terms associated with bianary form so I hope I did this properly.


susannahRAMA said...

i thought i heard a cadence in measure 4, too, but its much clearer at the end of the A section. anyway, i agree with all of your points. buenissimo.

FluteBunny10 said...

Woohoo, an excellent post from the birthday girl :-D In the B section I think there might be another cadence in measure 26, but I'm not even sure. There's definitely one at measure 18 though.