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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Bach Gavotte, BWV 808

This piece, which is in simple binary form, begins with its A section, which takes place from measures 1-8. I heard a half cadence in measure 3 and a PAC in measure 8. It modulates approximately in measure six from g minor to Bb major. The section is expository. The A section then repeats (as does the B section). Measures 9-34 are what make up the B section. The motive from the A section appears in different spots both in the right hand and in the left hand in the B section. The only cadence I heard that I was sure of was at measure 18. I felt like there may possibly be another cadence in measure 24/26. Measure 24 hints at a cadence it seems and then the following 2 bars stray a bit from that idea but then it sort of sounds like a cadence in measure 26 on the first beat. The B section is much longer than the A section, but it is simple binary form nonetheless. After playing around with some modulations, we end back in the original key of g minor.

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Ed Geyer said...

I had this piece too, and I agree completely with the structure and form of this piece. I failed to mention that each of the sections repeat, though. I also was unsure on the cadential motion in the B section. A few spots sounded like a cadence but none made much sense in the context.