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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

gavotte, bach.

Bach's Gavotte is in simple binary form. The A section (expository) begins in g minor, as it oh-so-thoughtfully stated in the title. We end this section in the relative key of Bb major, with a PAC before the double bar. The B section begins at measure 9 and continues through 17 being a developmental period in the key of d minor (being the minor dominant of our original key). We are taken momentarily back to the key of Bb major but the piece ends in the original key of g minor. G minor is made very obvious in measure 30 with the repeating of the f# for the rest of the piece.


Ed Geyer said...

I did this piece too, and had similar findings, especially with the A section. However, I saw the B section as much longer and going all the way until G minor was again made clear toward the end of the piece. But I can see where you could see differently, as it encompasses new material with little stability after 17.

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