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Monday, May 02, 2005

piano sonata in d maj.

5 part rondo. ABACA. let's talk about it.

the A section lasts for 20 measures. it begins in d major , very quietly but loudens by measure 12 to the dynamic level forte. the a section seems to be in rounded binary form, with the first 8 measures ending in a perfect authentic cadence in the key of A (or the dominant). a new melody enters for a few measures, but the expository melody heard at the beginning eventually returns. at the end of the A section, however, it is back in the tonic key of d.
the B section arrive ast measure 21 and lasts until 40 where the A section returns. in the B section, the key changes to the parallel minor (as indicated by the key signature). by the end of the first phrase, however, it feels relatively major (in the relative major!). again, the B section has a rounded binary feeling, as the melody from the beginning of the B section returns in the bass line (inverted counterpoint, anyone?).
the C section is in G major, and wow, Haydn just jumps from one key to the next now doesn't he. that tricky bugger. this section feels much livelier than the first, probably due to the fast moving 16th notes. this section is in rounded binary (notice a trend, anyone?) . by measure 85 the tonicity changes. it feels like the dominant key (D, in this case) is being tonicized again as the half cadence ends the section.
the A section returns at the end to round out this rondo. the running 16th notes in the bass line feel very terminative. thank god!

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MeatPopsicle said...

oooo...inverted counterpoint. i did not notice that!