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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Haydn: Piano Sonata in D Major

A cute little rondo piece to brighten this long day... the piece starts without introduction with our opening A section. This second acts as a small rounded binary form, with a parallel period ending on a PAC, then contrasting material before a return of our original thematic material and a fortissimo dynamic as we terminate on a PAC in D. This secondary section is repeated, much like a rounded binary period. For our B section we move to the parallel minor, d minor, and bring in new thematic material. This sections is tonally unstable in nature, with the repeating theme of three quarter notes flares, followed by a meandering two-voice passage. This stylistic change allows us to make slight key changes seem less drastic. We cadence here in F major, but continue back to a PAC in d minor, which signals the end of this section. The entire A section repeats fully, with no embellishment. Now our C section is once again different, modulating to the super-fun sub-dominant of G and remains there for its entirety. It's a repeated period, with an extension in the second half to make it assymetrical. This section ends on a PAC in G, and leads into a long trasitionary/terminative passage which returns us back to our A section. This time it feels much more terminative, with embellishment in the bass (running 16th notes) and a repetition of the final chord, signaling the end of this fast-paced, very fun piece.

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John Styx said...

Because i'm feeling very lonely, i'm commenting on my own blog...please God, give me more hours in a day so I can complete this mountain of work that stands before me...