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Monday, May 02, 2005

Les Moissonneurs - Couperin

This piece is a seven part rondo form. It begins with the A section in Bb major. It is made up of two phrases, both of which are 4 measures with the first ending on an IAC and the second ending on a PAC. Therefore, the A section is a parallel period. It is then repeated. The B section is clearly in the dominant key of F major. This is also a parallel period, but it is not symmetrical. The first phrase is 4 measures long ending on an IACand the second phrase is 2 measures long ending on a PAC. The A section comes back exactly the same at measure 12. The next section is C, beginning at m. 20. This section is in the key of g minor, the relative minor to the original tonality of the piece. A contrasting period makes up C. Phrase 1 ends on a half cadence and phrase 2 ends on a PAC. The A secton comes back at m. 28. Section D is in c minor, being made up of a parallel period with a HC in m. 40 and a PAC in m. 44. Then there is a transitional section from the end of m. 44 to the beginning of m. 50. The transition brings us back to the tonic key of Bb where the A section returns and finishes off the piece.


Queen_Neopolitan said...

nice analysis, julie. i agree with your findings...and congrats on being the first one to blog today!

Ihearthautbois said...

I also, of course, agree though I didn't delve into the tonalities and key changes as thoroughly as you did!

katie said...

great job picking out all the tonalities. I am terrible at that